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When you are traveling, if you have a chance to get to know a local, ask to take a video of them for your film and keep the camera rolling even when you say you’ve got the shot. I make that the reaction of relief after the shoot is the most authentic.  I can turn memorable happy birthday videos in less time than it takes to write and mail someone an ordinary birthday and smile card. 

As a result, I am constantly looking for travel videos like the ones you will find in here; by the videos that should be told.

When I first started, I spend much time to watch tons and tons of gopro video travel every week, until I was inspired enough to create my own. I open to observe how travel videos work, what kind of format they used, why did they put this clip before the other clip, why and how they shot a certain frame, and from that, I would go out, experimented, filmed and came up with my own style.

Create GoPro video Rotating Time Lapse  with a Kitchen Timer.

Without a doubt, GoPro cameras are incredible for activity sports.
Be that as it may, they likewise make some mind blowing time pass recordings. What is a period slip by video? A period slip by video is a progression of photographs shot over some stretch of time.
The pictures are then joined into a video and it gives the presence of time being accelerated. It is extraordinary for indicating a bustling business sector, dawns, dusks, blossoming blossoms, and so forth.
Before you can settle on your settings, you’ll have to choose what your last item will be. To what extent do you need your video to be? What amount of activity would you like to catch?
10 Seconds: To make a 10 second time slip by video, you’ll need to go for 5 minutes (1 picture for every second) or 25 minutes (1 picture at regular intervals) on the off chance that you play back the pictures at a standard 30 casings for each second (fps).
30 Seconds: To make a 30 second time slip by video, you’ll need to go for 15 minutes (1 picture for each second) or 75 minutes (1 picture like clockwork) in the event that you play back the pictures at a standard 30 casings for every second (fps).
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